Qualitative Research Via Mobile Apps and Social Networks

The main goal of technology is to make our jobs a lot easier. To be more “user-friendly” so to speak we need to take advantage of the technology that we have and see that we have the need to maximize its functions, right?

People talk. People express themselves and what would be a more easier way to do so than on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, messenger sites like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, etc? Social networks allow easy access to others by making sharing thoughts more convenient. When someone posts a shout out or a status update, it tells everyone what they’re doing, when and where they did it, and at times how and why they did. Readers and other members even have the option to appreciate or comment on each others’ day to day activities.

This trend has made it a piece of cake for researchers to keep track of how participants would behave towards a certain product, service, trend or idea. Imagine the internet, a camera and a storage device all rolled into one. Sounds familiar? Mobile phones? Yup, more specifically smart phones.

With a smart phone, the respondent can now easily download an application that enables them to upload videos, images, and recordings of the tasks they tackle as part of the research. A very good chance to utilize this app is when one want to capture data for shopper’s insights.

Taking a photo and adding their opinions about it can greatly help researchers answer questions in a more detailed fashion. If the respondent wants to take a video instead, it is possible. Internet access is a part of the features of a smart phone that enables them to begin uploading once they have WiFi or mobile network services. Feeling hassled is no longer an issue since everything can be done with the tip of their fingers.

Not only can they post it on the qualitative researcher’s site, but also on social networks that invoke more responses as well as more chances for the product, service or idea to be exposed. The convenience contributes much to the speed and ease of gathering information.

Internet is not so hard to access from a smart phone, which makes people who aren’t used to computers able to accomplish tasks equal to those who are. Participants will feel that they are the boss or the experts and that their thoughts matter thus making them more open and willing to indulge in the assignments that are given to them.

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