Choosing Web Membership Software to Create Membership Sites

Web membership software is used to create a membership site that you can run either from your own website or from a site provided by the software provider. There are several types of such software, each having its own advantages and drawbacks, but generally a software package allowing you complete flexibility is best.

By flexibility is meant the facility to personalize and customize the membership website to suit your needs. Hence, you would certainly want to use your own site name on it rather than be obliged to use a name provided by the software provider. This does happen, and some web membership software packages are supplied already populated with the products you must sell, and already branded with a name – not yours!

This is acceptable if the web membership software is free to use, but not if you are paying for it. Some marketers use a membership site as a marketing tool for themselves, and offer it free to others as long as they retain the originators branding and sell their products. In some cases that’s the only product allowed, while others permit you to also sell your own – but not change the site name.

Components of Good Web Membership Software

While there is nothing wrong with free membership sites, this form of subscription software will not be of significant benefit to you if you are looking for a member site to bring you income from the monthly subscription fees as well as sales of your products or your affiliate products. What you should be looking for at best is as many of the following options as you can get:

Personalizable with your name and your brand or site name.

Fully customizable, so you can change the colors and the layout of the site.

Able to sell any products or services, including your own products and affiliate programs.

Hosted on your own website or with the option to have a hosted version if you need one.

Compatible with PayPal and other payment collection systems.

Compatible with ClickBank so you can integrate the site with products selected from the ClickBank Marketplace.

Compatible with your blog – or with blogging software included in the package.

Compatible with forum software or included in the package.

You may have other requirements, but these options would constitute a good web membership software package. It is possible that you already have PayPal and ClickBank membership, and can simply add payment links to your membership site, but if not then the facility to add these easily would be an essential feature.

Other features you could hope to find in a top class web membership software package are:


The facility to run unlimited membership sites from one license or software package. If you are successful with your first site, you will likely want to start up another, and so on. Even a limit of 100 or so would be fine for you, but if you are limited to a single site then you might find it difficult to make a great deal of money.

True internet success comes from repetition: find something that works and repeat it time and time again. ‘Rinse and repeat’ is the term used, though the derivation of that phrase is obscure. Nevertheless, it is true. Make a few hundred dollars from one program, repeat that dozens of times simultaneously and you find you are making significant sums of money every day.

Membership Restriction

You must make sure that your total membership is not restricted. Since you make money from your members, the more you have the more you will earn monthly, and if the web membership software restricts the number of members you can register, then it also restricts your potential income. Make sure that is not the case before you buy the software.

Purchase or Subscribe?

You can either purchase web membership packages or subscribe, making a monthly payment for use of the software. There are pros and cons for each, and while an outright purchase is generally the least expensive option in the long run, you should keep in mind that the monthly cost of subscription software will be covered by your first two or three members.

One benefit of web membership software that is paid monthly is that you get the benefits of any updates. And you might also find new products being added on a regular basis. This keeps the products aspect of the site fresh, and you also get enhancements and improvements as they become available. Support also tends to be very fast and top class, because no business wants to upset regular subscribers – you will be the same with your own members.

Choosing web membership software might not seem easy if member sites are new to you, but if you keep the above advice in mind then you should be able to make the right choice. You generally get what you pay for, and if all you want is a very basic membership site then you needn’t pay much – no more than about $57 for the whole software package. However, if you want to make real money online, then double that each month is realistic – keeping in mind that your subscribers will be paying it for you.

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